Red 8 Petals Nipple Cover with Wiggly Eyes

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High Quality - Single use
Sexy Red color, soft rayon center
With Wiggly Eyes in middle that bounce when you bounce.

* Breast pasties, petals a delicate way to go braless
* 100% Polyester stretches to conform to your shape
* Great under clothes, beautifully shaped petal pasties to cover the entire breast nipple area elegantly.

Self adhesive for a smooth look with or without your bra thin satin material conceals while the flower shape contours to the breast.

Great for wearing under T-shirt, tanktop, sheer bras, sports bra,

Quantity: 1 pair

Size: 60 x 60mm(2.4'' x 2.4")

Color: Red

It is required you wash the application area thoroughly before apply the nipple covers. For best results clean area with alcohol.
Don't use lotion, perfume, powder or other skin care products on the application area prior use as this will reduce effectiveness.

They are made of satin with a self adhesive backing for a smooth look with or without a bra.
I use them with my bras because I have sensitive nipples that respond at the wrong moment.

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