Silver 8 Petal Nipple Covers with Silver Tassels

Silver 8 Petal Nipple Covers with Silver Tassels Image

Silver 8 Petal Pasties with Silver Tassels
1 pair

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FREE Alcohol Cleansing Swab

In $12.95 Retail Sealed Packet
No one offers what we do:

* Sealed in individual retail packets,
* Free Alcohol Cleaning Swab,
* Multiple quantities available,
* Instructions for use,
* Order processed within 1 business day of closing,
* Shipped from USA directly to you, no waiting weeks,
* International Shipping via USPS First Class Air Mail,
* Big variety of styles and colors available.

Great for wearing under T-shirts, tanktops, sheer or transparent blouses and bras or NOTHING!

  They are sealed in an individual retail packet with instructions which make them great gifts at bridal showers, for the bride, gag gifts, etc.

If you need multiple quantities, send us a message..

Try this, stick them on under your transparent blouse at the right place for a tease...Let your imagination GO!...

Creates a fantastic tan line with a heart shape on any part of your body.

We now offer a "Pasties Adhesive Tool Kit" that allows for multiple use of pasties.

No glue needed, all you have to do is stick them on. easy ON easy OFF.

Size: One size fits all

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